Infant Protection

KinderGUARD® Infant Security System

Guard your infant patients and their loved ones against infant abduction with a KinderGUARD® infant security system.

The threat of infant and child abduction is a concern in today’s world, but the KinderGUARD® system can help safeguard against these devastating events. KinderGUARD® provides assistance by acting as a personal security guard for each infant and child wearing a KinderGUARD® transmitter. Parents, nurses, loved ones, and administrators alike can rest assured knowing that KinderGUARD® brings an added layer of protection for their children. KinderGUARD® is a robust, easy-to-use, and reliable system developed to work effectively in today’s healthcare environments.

KinderGUARD® Infant Security Systems Feature:

  • Automatic Transmitter Enrollment Upon Activation
  • Transmitters Are Active And “Report In” Every 7–10 Seconds
  • Reusable Transmitters
  • Tamper-Proof, Medical-Grade, Washable Straps With Cutband Technology
  • Baby and Child Friendly, Comfort Designed Transmitter And Straps
  • Discrete Mother-Baby Matching System (Optional)
  • Easy-To-Use Software
  • Reliable Non-PC Dependent, Battery Backed Security System
  • Support When You Need It

Protect the security of your infant and pediatric patients today with the best solution available – the KinderGUARD® infant security system. We also recommend enhancing your infant security solution with the MatchMAKER® ID mother-baby matching system.

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