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Access Control

Fully Integrated, Full Featured Management Access Control


Citadel System for Windows is ideal for the campus, compound, or multi-building company. It provides card readers and keypads for over 1,000 doors, up to 80,000 cardholders, for access control. A distributed processing, highly automated building management access control system, Citadel System is a powerful security system that delivers optimum efficiency at a top performance level. It features proven hardware, software and communications technologies with easy to understand screens and expandability that extends to sixty RS232 and thirty network building sites. Yet for all its range, power, and ease of use, this remarkably advanced multi-building, multi-user system is inexpensive to own.

Citadel System is a PC based, distributed processing access control and building management system which provides the user with affordable, top of the line features while providing user-friendly and easy to understand screens. Citadel System is inexpensive to own with easy expansion to virtually unlimited building sites, cardholders, alarm input and relay output points.

It supports all modern card reader technologies and uses X.25 packet switching communication protocol with error detection and correction for a high degree of data integrety. Citadel System operates on a 32 bit Windows 2000 or XP platform for rugged dependablity, while presenting the operator with Microsoft’s popular and dependable Windows operation.

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