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Anti Rollback Device


Automatic Wheelchair Wheel Locking System


Physician Grady Dugas, the inventor of the automatic wheelchair locking system, saw a crying need for the automatic locks while treating patients in nursing homes. Some patients fell repeatedly, often injuring themselves seriously while attempting to get into or out of their wheelchairs. They did not consistently remember to engage the wheelchairs’ manual brakes. As a result, the wheelchairs would roll away from them as they attempted to stand up. Often these injuries changed the quality of the rest of the patients’ lives,” said Dr. Dugas. To help these people, the wheelchair brakes needed to be automatic.

Dr. Dugas made it his mission to solve the problem. After experimenting with various designs, Dr. Dugas was awarded patent # 5,203,433 on April 20, 1993 for his wheelchair automatic wheel lock system. Since that time, working in conjunction with Bill Hoge and the staff at United Plastic Molders, the wheelchair wheel locking system has been refined and improved. Today, the Safer Wheelchair Wheel Lock is the preferred automatic wheel locking system on the market.

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