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Infant Protection


KinderGUARD® Infant Security System


Guard your infant patients and their loved ones against the devastating effects of an infant abduction with a KinderGUARD® infant security system. Protect your hospital’s littlest patients with KinderGUARD®. Our infant security system acts as a personal security guard for each baby or child wearing one of our active RFID transmitters. Hundreds of facilities worldwide have recognized the value in installing KinderGUARD® infant security systems to protect the precious loved ones being cared for in their maternity wards, labor and delivery units, nurseries, neonatal intensive care units (NICU), and pediatric departments.

Preventing an infant abduction from occurring at your facility protects the families of infants who rely on you for their healthcare needs as well as the reputation of your hospital and staff. Our KinderGUARD® infant security system is robust, easy to use, and dependable. Here are a few of the reasons why facilities choose KinderGUARD® to meet their infant and pediatric security needs:

KinderGUARD® Infant Security Systems Feature:

  • Automatic Transmitter Enrollment Upon Activation
  • Active RFID Supervision with System “Check-Ins” Every 7–10 Seconds
  • Reusable Transmitters
  • Tamper-Proof, Medical-Grade, Washable Strapsw with cutband technology
  • Baby- and Child-Friendly, Comfort Designed Transmitter and Straps
  • Discrete Mother-Baby Matching System (Optional)
  • Easy-To-Use Software
  • Reliable Non-PC Dependent, Battery Backed Security System
  • Support When You Need It

Protect the security of your infant and pediatric patients today with the most comprehensive solution available – the KinderGUARD® infant and pediatric security system. We also recommend enhancing your infant security solution with our MatchMAKER® ID mother-baby matching system.

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