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Patient Bathing


Rane Bathing Systems


Rane Bathing Systems manufactures high quality safe access bathing solutions designed wholly for the people who use them. The combination of years of experience and our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility allow Rane to produce innovative bathing systems for both care facilities and the home. Manufactured in Sparta, TN since 1997, we are proud to say we are 100% Made in the USA.

Bathing promotes a feeling of well-being and is mentally and physically beneficial, which is why Rane is dedicated to producing innovative bathing systems. Rane products are designed to be functional and affordable, yet will give your bathing area an upscale look. Featuring numerous standard features and options, Rane bathing systems will enhance the bathing experience for both the user and caregiver.

RR7-II Atlantic

Reclining, side-entry tub designed to allow residents with challenging conditions to recline in a contoured seat and become immersed in warm water.

RG9 Victoria

Freestanding side-entry tub that allows the caregiver 360º unobstructed access to the resident. Allows easy access for residents with various degrees of mobility.

RS8 Geneva

Recumbent, key-holed shaped tub is designed to bathe highly dependent residents safely and comfortably. Available in either Height Adjustable or Fixed Height models.

RT4 Chesapeake

Designed to be built-in for a more residential appearance. Allows easy access for both ambulatory residents or those who need assistance.

RM3-I Superior

Freestanding, or built-in, side access bathing system with unique door. Designed for care facilities with small bathing areas or limited space.

RK12 Winnipeg

Freestanding side-entry tub designed for both ambulatory residents or those who may need assistance.

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