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Wandering Resident


Door GUARDIAN™ Wandering Management System


The National Alzheimer’s Association estimates that nearly 60 percent of people inflicted with the disease will wander and get lost at some point and 46 percent of those not located within 24 hours of their elopement will be found deceased. Is your facility equipped to prevent your residents from being part of these staggering statistics?

Secure Care Products, Inc. has been specializing in designing, manufacturing, selling, installing and servicing wander management solutions for more than 33 years. We take great pride in producing dignified solutions to help you and your staff protect the wander-prone residents or wandering patients entrusted to your care. Our Door GUARDIAN™ wandering management solution utilizes active RFID technology to provide total supervision for your residents and patients who are at risk of an elopement or might wander into unsafe areas of your facility.

Whether you are looking solely to protect wandering residents using Access Control or need a more dynamic system to permit normal traffic flow, our Wander Management experts will design a system that fits your facility’s needs and budget.

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